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Professor Kais Atallah

Kais studied Electrical Power Engineering at Ecole Nationale Polytechnique in Algeria (Ingenieur d’Etat) and in 1993 he received the PhD. degree from the University of Sheffield. He is currently a Professor in Aerospace Engineering at the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, University of Sheffield and is seconded to Magnomatics for a proportion of his time. His expertise encompasses characterisation and modelling of soft ferromagnetic materials, the impulse magnetisation and optimal utilisation of rare-earth permanent magnets, electromagnetic field analyses and the design, optimisation and realisation of novel electromagnetic machines and devices for applications ranging from cost sensitive consumer goods to aerospace.

It was during his research on high-performance fault-tolerant permanent magnet drives for safety-critical applications, that the concept of the radial-field high-torque magnetic gearing was conceived and subsequently, a number of alternative magnetic gear topologies, suitable for a wide range of applications, have been proposed. In 2003 he proposed and later demonstrated, the magnetically and mechanically integrated gear and motor, or ‘pseudo’ direct drive, followed in 2007 by the invention of the magnetically geared continuously variable transmission. Kais is the originator of practical magnetic gear technologies and has created a field that is now becoming a significant area of academic and industrial research around the world.