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Assembling a large PDD


Magnomatics is a high technology company that is developing and manufacturing products for global industries based on its proprietary ground-breaking magnetic gear technology.  Production gears are now in operation in a critical down borehole oil and gas application where the torque fuse inherent in a magnetic gear improves system life.  The lead deployment has now been in continuous operation for over two year.

Magnomatics have developed two derivative products based on magnetic gears, the Pseudo Direct Drive PDD® and MAGSPLIT®.  The PDD is a high-torque low-speed motor/generator highly suited to actuation, rail traction, marine propulsion and wind power.  MAGSPLIT is a power-split continuously variable transmission, particularly suited to blended hybrid power trains.  MAGSPLIT will also filter torsional vibrations.

The company is active in many market sectors, including hybrid and electric vehicles, renewables, marine propulsion, aerospace, rail, and oil & gas.

Magnomatics was established in 2006 as a spin-out from the University of Sheffield to commercialise ground-breaking research on magnetic transmission systems.  This original research was conducted by Professor Kais Atallah and Professor David Howe in the Electrical Machines & Drives research group at the University.  Magnomatics retains its strong links with the University.

Members of Professor Atallah’s original research group form the core of Magnomatic's technical team.  The company maintains these links and now sponsors new researchers within the Electrical Machines & Drives research group.