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MAGSPLIT on Engine Dyno

Highly efficient, compact power split for blended hybrid power trains

The MAGSPLIT®(magnetically Controlled Variable Transmission) is a highly efficient electrically controlled power split device that can achieve a continuous range of gear ratios to match a fixed speed prime-mover to a variable load.  It is likely to be more compact than its mechcanical equivalent.

It is an integration of a magnetic equivalent of a planetary gearbox with a high performance brushless PM motor/generator.  The magnetic gear has no contacting parts and does not require lubrication.  Variable speed mechanical output with a fixed input mechanical speed is achieved by exporting/importing electrical power through a set of control windings – splitting the power along a “variator” path.

Second generation MAGSPLIT can almost completely filter the torsional vibrations from internal combustion engines, reducing NVH and improving driveability.

MAGSPLIT is well suited to blended hybrid power trains and for ancillary drives.

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