Work-wise Foundation
University of Sheffield

At Magnomatics we are passionate about the importance of innovation and engineering to our economy and society.  We have therefore engaged with a number of initiatives which aim to connect our community.


This has already led to some great success stories; perhaps the most refreshing of these is how Owen Birks came to be our first apprentice.  We first met up with Owen when he joined us on Summer Camp as part of the Work-wise programme.  It was readily apparent that Owen enjoyed his time with us. 


This is what his parents had to say:

Owen has absolutely loved every minute! The company have given him loads of varied tasks to keep him busy. He told us yesterday that he didn't want to go back to school and that he'd rather just go and work for them forever! Thanks again for organising”.


That was back in 2013.  Everyone was delighted when Owen was shortlisted and then selected to be our first Apprentice.  He joined us in 2015 and is currently undergoing training at the Advanced Manufacturing and Research Centre in Rotherham.