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Senior Engineering Team

David Powell

David Powell
Principal Engineer

David has over ten years experience in research and development in the field of electrical machines.


David joined Magnomatics in 2008 from his post as Programme Manager of the Rolls Royce UTC in Advanced Electrical Machines & Drives at the University of Sheffield, where he was instrumental in the aerospace and marine sectors.


David has a number of international patents granted in areas including heat transfer improvements in electrical machines, novel control strategies for switched reluctance machine power converters and novel flux switching machine typologies. 


He has been involved in various European and UK government funded projects and has been principal grant holder and manager of a number of industry funded projects. 


David obtained his first degree in Electrical Engineering from Sheffield and was awarded a PhD in 2003 for his research on high integrity electrical machines for aerospace.

He has a first-rate track record in innovation with approximately 20 publications in academic journals and leading conferences.


In his down time, David is a highly active individual with great interest particularly in Triathlons, Mountain biking and football.

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