Magnetic Gears
Pseudo Direct Drive PDD



Simple and highly efficient  Dedicated Hybrid Transmission

Magnetic gearing principles allow a highly integrated power split unit which does away with epicyclic gears.

MAGSPLIT has just two rotating elements and can be powered with conventional inverters.

MAGSPLIT has a unique ability to filter torsional vibration from an internal combustion engine without loss in efficiency.

Power-split hybrid architecture provides all of the benefits of a parallel hybrid and a series hybrid. With MAGSPLIT you have the optimum solution for a dedicated hybrid transmission.


200Nm MAGSPLIT on Build


  • Improved drive cycle fuel economy and emissions1
  • o   5% better than mechanical power split
  • o   17% better than parallel hybrid
  • o   32% better than conventional gearbox
  • Unique ability to filter torsional vibrations
  • o   Remove torsional damper systems
  • o   Quicker route to acceptable vehicle NVH
  • Simple, compact concentric package
  • Broad (> 10) gear ratio range
  • No lubrication oil or mechanical wear
  • Reduced system and implementation cost

(1) Based upon measured efficiency maps


200Nm Magsplit for C Class Car

MAGSPLIT Principles

The MAGSPLIT transfers power from the engine to the wheels in a way that allows freedom to operate at optimum engine speed and torque, but also employs a high-efficiency mechanical power path. The MAGSPLIT has two rotors known as the magnet rotor and the pole piece rotor, forming the basis of a magnetic gear with a fixed ratio of torque. The outer part of the MAGSPLIT is a stator – the stationary part of a conventional electric machine. Electric current flowing through the windings of this stator drives a magnetic field.

The speed ratio of the pole piece and magnet rotors can be modified by rotating this magnetic field, which is achieved by controlling the current through each of the three phases. The mechanical power of the two rotors will then no longer be equal; the stator converts this difference to electrical power, which can flow into or out of the MAGSPLIT.

When the stator holds the magnetic field stationary the two rotors behave like a conventional gear with the MAGSPLIT intrinsic ratio.

For a more detailed explantion see MAGSPLIT Explanation and Ewing Lecture on our Downloads page.