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Aerospace Actuator

Lightweight, compact motors and actuators for more-electric aircraft

Mass, volume and reliability are the key driving elements for any aerospace electrical machine whether it is geared or direct drive. Magnomatics' Pseudo Direct Drive PDD® technology eliminates the need for a mechanical gearbox and has many times the torque-density of a conventional direct drive permanent magnet machine. The Pseudo Direct Drive PDD®, which is based on our magnetic gear technology, also acts as a torque-fuse by allowing the output shaft to slip harmlessly, thus preventing jamming.

Our magnetic gear based technology is competitive with conventional mechanically geared systems for aerospace flight surface actuation, where it could replace both electro-mechanical actuators and electro-hydraulic actuators. The major benefits for aerospace are:

  • High torque density
  • Low mass and volume
  • Natural convection cooling
  • Lubricant free
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti-jamming (inherent torque-fuse)
  • Fault tolerant