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Magnomatics’ fault tolerant PDD delivers the highest torque density motor for electric actuation systems

The magnetic gear at the heart of the PDD also functions as a passively resettable torque fuse, removing the need for a clutch or shear pins in case of jamming

We are partnering with aerospace tier 1s and OEMS to develop magnetically geared actuation for flight control surfaces, electric braking, pitch control mechanisms and landing gear deployment

We are also bringing our ultra-lightweight motors to the aerospace electric propulsion sector with an industry leading torque density of >30Nm/kg

Magnomatics are proud to be leading the EU funded Cleansky project ROTATOR to develop a lightweight electromechanial magnetic pitch control mechanism for an open rotor engine with topic leader Safran

Safran open rotor engine 2.jpg
H2020 EU funded project.png
Cleansky CSJU logo.png
EMMAS Actuator 2 with alpha.jpg
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