Pseudo Direct Drive

Floating Tethered Marine Current (FTMC) Turbine

Magnomatics’ patented Pseudo Direct Drive (PDD®) offers a significant advance over conventional permanent magnet motor/generator technology, achieving a step-change in continuous torque density compared to that of equivalently cooled PM machines while maintaining very high efficiency.


This dramatic increase in torque density allows the motor to directly drive many loads where conventionally a motor and gearbox combination would be employed. 


Ideal applications will have high continuous torque at relatively low speed.





  • Cost effective: robust and efficient whilst harnesses energy in locations that cannot use fixed turbines 

  • Market capture: Can be placed close to the surface even in deep water, doubling the market size

  • Functionality: No obstruction to view and potentially allows navigation in narrow straits

  • Maintenance: It can be fully emerged without the need for expensive crane vessels

  • Robustness: No yaw system or mechanical gear; nozzle protects blades and fauna from potential damage

  • Environmental impact: Small footprint - Simple concrete foundation block.

  • Power: Turbines can be placed in close proximity, maximizing the power extracted

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Download the full specification sheet here

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