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MAGSPLIT uses electronic control of a magnetic gear to give a continuously variable ratio. The flexibility of the system makes it especially suited to hybrid vehicle transmissions and it has been realised in passenger car and truck applications. The concept is extended and a smaller variant is used to drive engine ancillaries (e.g. AC compressor) at their optimum speed, leading to high fuel savings.

MAGSPLIT has just two rotating elements and can be controlled with conventional electronics. The system has the unique ability to filter torsional vibration from an internal combustion engine without a loss in efficiency.


Power-split hybrid architecture provides all of the benefits of a parallel hybrid and a series hybrid. With MAGSPLIT you have the optimum solution for a Dedicated Hybrid Transmission.

magsplit deconstructed.png

MAGSPLIT® Features

Asset 9@3x.png

Improved drive cycle fuel economy and reduced emissions

Asset 7@3x.png

“Transmission Swap” hardware

Asset 11@3x.png

Unique ability to filter torsional vibrations

Asset 8@3x.png

Infinitely variable gear ratio range

Asset 5@3x.png

Simple, compact concentric or parallel package 

Asset 10@3x.png

Reduced system and implementation cost

Industry Applications

MAGSPLIT is scalable and Magnomatics is developing devices that may be applied to small cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles.

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