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Pseudo Direct Drive

Traction Motor

Magnomatics' Pseudo Direct Drive (PDD®) offers significant advantages over conventional permanent magnet motor/generator technology, achieving a step-change in continuous torque density and highest efficiency.


This allows the motor to directly drive many loads where conventionally a motor and gearbox combination would be employed.


An ideal application will have high continuous torque at relatively low speed.





pdd traction 3-01.png
  • Very high efficiency over a wide operating range

  • Significantly smaller and lighter than direct drive equivalents

  • No gearbox - improving reliability and reducing maintenance

  • Low cooling requirements

  • Built-in torsional compliance reduces drivetrain pulsations

  • Low NVH

  • Unique passive torque fuse protects drive-train

  • Operates with large airgaps to enable high shock rating

Traction motor spec table.png
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Download the full specification sheet here

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