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MAGSPLIT Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT)

MAGSPLIT DHT provides the best-in-class fuel economy while still capable of providing high-power performance. The transmission offers energy efficient solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles, which provide low operating costs.

Magnomatics' MAGSPLIT DHT is a new type of ultra-flexible hybrid transmission which replaces the existing gearbox and starter.

In this product, by combining the magnetic gear systems with new motor and generator technology, a hybrid system that provides continuously variable drive to the wheels and where electrical power can be seamlessly injected into the drivetrain to boost performance is created. The electrical power in this IMPACT transmission is generated by Magnomatics TM91 traction motor.


  • Simple two rotor Dedicated Hybrid Transmission

  • Best in class fuel economy: 30% direct reduction for C-segment vehicle

  • More compact; supports easy existing transmission swap out

  • Cost 19% lower than equivalent hybrid DCT

  • Filters engine torsional vibration; no need for additional torsion damper

  • Suitable for diesel engines 

MAGSPLIT Exploded.png
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