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The compact high torque PDD gives a much smaller generator unit than other systems. The small package gives reduced flow restriction and maximises hydrodynamic efficiency of the system, giving increased power output at lower cost points. 


The inbuilt magnetic gear replaces the conventional gear system increasing reliability and can be readily pressure compensated.

Magnomatics, in partnership with Seaplace have demonstrated a a tidal current generator that was successfully tested at CEHIPAR in Spain. The PDD generator has a rated torque of 525Nm (naturally cooled, fully submerged version) at a base speed of 100rpm, with high efficiency in a compact package. The machine can be compatible with standard LV industrial drives (400V) or a 600V DC link supply fed inverter.  


This project was co-funded via the Eurostars program and short-listed as one of the best projects in 2019

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