Magnetically Geared

15kW & 25kW Thrusters

Magnomatics' thrusters are oil-filled (biodegradeable) and presure balanced for deep sea operation.They combine a magnetic gear and permanent magnet motor arranged to provide a hermetic seal between the motor and the sea water.

A high-speed PM motor is coupled with a magnetic gear to produce a low-speed, high torque output which is optimised to the propeller performance curve and the thruster is smaller than an equivalent direct-drive motor.

The magnetic gear also provides effective anti-jamming with its passive reset torque-fuse, protecting the drive-train from the loads associated with striking solid objects, ropes etc.

MG thruster SMD photo.png
Quantum Thuster Render cropped.png

Highest torque density

Naturally cooled

Hermetically sealed motor

High power factor (>0.9)

Conventional BLAC power electronic drive

Very low Torsionally Transmitted Vibration

Passively resettable overload protection (torque-fuse)

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Key Features

Quantum EV Technology Announcment at Off

Photograph of PDD powered SMD Quantum EV, submersible remotely operated vehicle (courtesy of SMD)

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Download the 15kW specification sheet here

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Download the 25kW specification sheet here