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Pseudo Direct Drive

Aerospace Actuator

EMMAS Actuator 2 with alpha.jpg

Magnomatics have developed an ultra-light fault tolerant PDD motor for the extreme environments of a rudder flight control surface Electro-Mechanical Actuator.

The PDD motor has a magnetic gear at its heart which provides a unique functionality - a passively resettable torque-fuse to prevent jamming on overloads. The gear action also provides for a very low inertia system

The motor is able to deliver full load torque with a failed phase-bank and each phase bank is mechanically, magnetically and thermally isolated from each other for maximum reliability and full duplex redundancy


Highest torque density

Fault tolerant

Compact design

High reliability, low maintenance

Inherent torque fuse

Very low inertia

Standard power electronics

Fault-tolerant Aerospace Ball-Screw Dire
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