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eROV - Magnomatics Thruster Motors

Ultra high torque density motors for marine propulsion systems

Magnomatics' pseudo-direct drive technology offers outstanding reductions in machine size and weight compared with permanent-magnet and wound-field electrical machines at the megawatt level where a combination of low speed and high-torque is required.

The drive towards lowering greenhouse gas emissions, together with spiralling fuel costs, has seen the adoption of electric marine propulsion systems in both commercial and military vessels as it offers greater flexibility in the architecture and improved part-load efficiency. However, conventional direct-drive electric propulsion motors are large, heavy machines which often require additional liquid cooling systems and can suffer from high levels of transmitted vibration. The main advantages of the Pseudo Direct Drive machine are:

  • Power density of up to 6x water-cooled Direct-Drive machine
  • Naturally cooled
  • High power factor (>0.9)
  • Conventional BLDC/BLAC power electronic drive
  • Very low vibration transmission
  • Inherent overload protection