Renewable Energy
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Test at the ORE Catapult

Technology for renewable energy

Magnomatics’ technology offers significant efficiency and reliability benefits compared to mechanically geared systems; with dramatically smaller and lower cost solutions than conventional direct drive topologies for wind and marine turbine powertrains.

Through the InnWind and DemoWind projects Magnomatics have built and succesfully tested a 500kW direct drive generator at the Offshore Renewable Engery Catapult. This generator was built by Wolong Laurence Scott in Norwich UK.  It was subsequently tested by Norvento in northern Spain. The company now has strong commercial interest in this technology for offshore wind.

In January 2020 Magnomatics was  awarded a grant by the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership to develop robotic magnet placement work with the AMRC. This project is all about achoring manufacturing technology in the UK.


Tidal Current Generator

Magnomatics worked with Seaplace to develop and test a 1/13 scale demonstrator of a tidal current generator. The turbine was then tested at CEHIPAR in Spain. The project was co-funded via the Eurostars program and short-listed as one of the best projects in 2019