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Developing technologies for renewable energy

Magnomatics’ technologies offer the opportunity for significant efficiency and reliability benefits compared to mechanically geared systems; with dramatically smaller and lower cost solutions than conventional direct drive topologies for wind and marine turbine powertrains

The increasing global demand for energy has created a rapidly expanding market for renewable energy. Both wind and marine energy systems require generators that can accept large torque inputs, which generally implies either a mechanical gearbox to reduce the generator torque requirement, or the use of a very large diameter direct-drive machine.

From its inception, the wind energy industry has experienced high gearbox failure rates, with the majority of gearboxes yet to achieve a design goal of 20years.

As utility scale turbines increase in size, powertrain size and mass becomes a significant issue; although direct drive generators remove the fault intolerant gearbox, they do this at the expense of a significant size and mass increase in comparison to geared systems. This can significantly affect turbine design and result in increased turbine cost and commissioning expenditure.

Magnomatics' PDD® can enable a gearless solution that increases efficiency without any size or weight penalty over a geared topology. Magnomatics' magnetic gear and ultra-high torque electrical machine technologies are scalable and are suitable for all sizes of wind or marine turbines from sub 100 kW to many megawatts.