Renewable Energy
Oil and Gas

Magnomatics' groundbreaking magnetic gear and derived technologies offer a wide range of unique advantages over conventional power train and drive train technologies

Our technology allows a step-change improvement in a broad range of applications and industries in which a high torque density (i.e. reduced size/mass), high efficiency or improved reliability is desirable. Our engineers have extensive experience in bespoke design for custom-specific applications and can quickly quantify the benefits that our technology can offer.

Applications that benefit from our magnetic transmission technology include:

  • Renewable energy - direct drive generators for wind, hydro and marine turbines
  • Marine - main propulsion, podded propulsion, winch drives, gear through barrier
  • Aerospace - flight surface actuation, landing gear deployment
  • Automotive - MAGSPLIT® for blended hybrid vehicles, ancillary drives
  • Oil and Gas - magnetic gears for artificial lift. Pseudo Direct Drive PDD® for top drives