Magnomatics is a high technology engineering company that is developing and manufacturing products for many global industries based on its proprietary ground breaking magnetic gear technology. 

Magnomatics have developed two derivative products based on magnetic gears, the Pseudo Direct Drive PDD® and MAGSPLIT®.  The PDD is a very efficient high torque low speed motor/generator highly suited to rail traction, actuation, fan motors, marine propulsion and wind power.  MAGSPLIT is a very efficient power-split dedicated hybrid transmission and is being evaluated by a number of vehicle manufacturers.  MAGSPLIT is very simple having just two rotating elements and has the added benefit of filtering torsional vibrations.

The company is active in many market sectors, including hybrid vehicles, renewables, marine propulsion, aerospace, rail, and oil & gas.

Magnomatics is proud to be part of the IP Group and is registered with Made in Sheffield.

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