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Contactless, high-efficiency, high-torque transmission with inherent overload protection

The high-torque magnetic gear was invented and demonstrated by Magnomatics co-founder Dr Kais Atallah in 2001. This pioneering research has been extended by Magnomatics to provide a mature range of gear technologies that are suitable for a very wide range of applications.

Advantages over mechanical gears

  • Reduced maintenance and improved reliability
  • Lubrication free
  • Higher efficiency than conventional gears
  • Precise peak torque transmission and inherent overload protection
  • Physical isolation between input and output shafts
  • Inherent anti-jamming transmission
  • Significantly reduces harmful drivetrain pulsations
  • Allows for misalignment/vibration of shafts
  • Very low acoustic noise and vibration

A magnetic gear uses permanent magnets to transmit torque between an input and output shaft without mechanical contact. Torque densities comparable with mechanical gears can be achieved with an efficiency >99% at full load and with much higher part load efficiencies than a mechanical gear. For higher power ratings a magnetic gear will be smaller, lighter and lower cost than a mechanical gear. Since there is no mechanical contact between the moving parts there is no wear and lubrication is not required. Magnetic gears inherently protect against overloads by harmlessly slipping if an overload torque is applied, and automatically and safely re-engaging when the fault torque is removed.

Magnomatics has developed a range of magnetic gear technologies for achieving low and high ratios and a linear gear variant. The magnetic gear concept has been extended to provide both an ultra high torque density pseudo direct drive electrical machine and a variable ratio gear topology for continuously variable transmission systems.