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Wind Turbine Generator

Compact High Efficiency Generator (CHEG)

The CHEG project, part of the EU H2020 DemoWind program funded by BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy), aimed to advance the state of the art in wind turbine generator technology by reducing the cost of the turbine and increasing the efficiency of the generator to reduce cost of energy (LCOE). The generator and gear box are major turbine components and constitute a major part of the cost, complexity and failure modes of wind turbines. The use of Magnomatics innovative Pseudo Direct Drive (PDD)® generator within wind turbines will yield savings from increased efficiency whilst reducing the capital cost of such installations and subsequent decommissioning so having a positive impact on operation and maintenance costs.

This project enabled the design, build and test of a Magnomatics’ Pseudo Direct Drive (PDD)® Generator. This PDD, with an input torque of 200,000Nm includes the largest magnetic gear ever made. The previous largest was just 20,000Nm. This gear is integrated with a stator to form a 500kW direct drive generator.

Download the full case study below

CASE STUDY- DemoWind CHEG Rev 1 20200929
Download • 2.22MB

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