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"Compact Holistic Efficient Floating Turbine"

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

This project aims at a holistic consideration of a floating wind solution from an early design stage to maximize savings in LCOE.

The project combines Seaplace’s new floating platform concept, the Reduced-Draft Spar (RDS), and Magnomatics’ new state-of-the-art 8MW generator, the Pseudo-Direct Drive (PDD®) generator, leading to significant savings on many of the typical Floating Wind cost packages

Both concepts (RDS and PDD generator) compliment in every aspect. The Floater construction, made of concrete, takes advantage of inexpensive materials as well as cost-effective construction technologies (feasible in floating docks). The Wind Turbine can be assembled at port and the wet-transport of the whole unit (without auxiliary means) is feasible due to its low draft and floating stability. Installation/decommissioning operations are simplified (no sheerleg cranes needed) by adding/removing seawater ballast to the unit’s inner tanks. Moreover, due to the low motions/accelerations of the RDS, the energy yield production is improved while maintenance is reduced. Efficiency is increased thanks to the PDD, the Active Heeling-Compensation system, and the high operational windows of the RDS. The magnetically-geared PDD® generator ensures a robust and high efficient solution that can operate in the inherently rough floating conditions. No mechanical gear is needed, and the PDD is so light and compact that reduces the dimensions and therefore the price of the RDS. Major repairs and decommissioning are also simplified.

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